NCLGISA Scholarship

Policy & Guidelines

One of the goals of NCLGISA is to provide avenues for its membership to receive valuable educational opportunities through bi-yearly symposiums, the UNC School of Government (i.e. the CGCIO program), regional workshops, professional development, etc.

Therefore, NCLGISA offers scholarships to its eligible membership to assist in covering qualified expenses for lodging, registration, travel, and tuition associated with these training opportunities.

NCLGISA Continuing Education & Symposium Scholarships: For members who would like to attend the symposium, but who lack the funds. Applicants Must be registered as a NCLGISA Member.

Please read on to learn about our application process.

Application Process

Members must complete this application and a 500-word essay and/or video and submit them via email to the NCLGISA Membership Committee at Members who apply for and meet all requirements will be considered for this scholarship.  Of those applications received, each will be reviewed for completeness and authenticity of all information provided.  Of those viable applications, the scholarships will be awarded to those who present the greatest financial need and commitment. Any NCLGISA member meeting the criteria may apply.

All applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee.  The Membership Committee’s responsibilities will be to consider, review, prioritize, and select qualified applications.  The Chairman of the Membership Committee will present the eligible scholarship applicants to the NCLGISA Board for final approval.


To be eligible to apply for the scholarship a member must:

  • Be a Regular Member, Associate Member, Member Emeritus, or a college student interested in a public-sector IT career (students must be sponsored by a government agency).
  • Be an eligible member of NCLGISA and in good standing.
  • Demonstrate why the member needs the scholarship by completing and submitting the scholarship application and providing a supporting 500-word essay and/or video.
  • For NCLGISA members who work for a government agency, the application must be approved and signed by the government employee’s direct supervisor. College students must have the application approved and signed by the student’s professor and sponsoring government agency.
  • A member can only receive one scholarship per fiscal year,
  • No scholarships shall be awarded to the following or to their immediate family members: an officer, manager or trustee of the organization, nor to a member of the selection committee, nor to a substantial contributor, nor to certain US government officials per Internal Revenue Code, Section 4945 (g)(1).
  • Comply with the Scholarship requirements and deadline.
Awarding Scholarship

There is a limitation on the number of applicants who can receive scholarships. Therefore, the rules governing the issuance of scholarships for regular members, associate members, multiple recipients, and repeat recipients from the same organizations must meet certain criteria.  An application will be judged based upon application completeness, membership status, hardship, educational value to the applicant, government agency/educational institution support, previous NCLGISA scholarships received, ROI for the NCLGISA organization, etc. Each application question, essay and/or video receive a ranking of 1 through 10 (10 being the highest score). Applications will be review and scored by no less than five (5) Membership Committee members. Applicants with the highest point totals will be presented to the Board for final approval. Applications for the second consecutive scholarship within a fiscal year will not be considered.

Notice of Award

Applicants that meet all eligibility requirements, achieve the highest scores, and approved by the board will be designated to receive a NCLGISA Scholarship. The awarded scholarship amount can vary based upon the NCLGISA event and the needs of the recipient. A scholarship certificate will be issued to the selected applicant.  In addition to the scholarship certificate, the applicant will receive a confirmation letter from the Membership Committee which will indicate acceptance or refusal of the scholarship.  Failure to respond to the scholarship offered by NCLGISA within 14 calendar days will result in reassignment of the scholarship.

If a qualified applicant does not accept a scholarship, the scholarship will be offered to another qualified applicant based upon the scoring system. Applicants will be notified via email and/or U.S. mail after deadline date.

Cancellation of Scholarship

Members that have been awarded a scholarship and cannot attend the event must submit notice of cancellation to the Membership Committee prior to the event cancellation deadline. Failure to do so gives NCLGISA the right to request and receive a full refund equal to the amount of the awarded scholarship.

NCLGISA does not discriminate against or tolerate the harassment of any potential applicant on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, or age, or any other legally protected status in the provision of its training symposiums, courses, programs, services or activities.