The James S. Cooper Award was created in 1996 after “Jim” died of a sudden aneurysm in his 40’s. Jim personified our organization in his quick acceptance of friends and ideas and in his willingness to share information and methods. The spirit of the James S. Cooper Ambassador Award recognizes the individual and/or agency that provides service above and beyond their normal performance of duties with regard to interagency cooperation.

The 2015 James S. Cooper Award Winner is:

Keith Archambault, Town of Knightdale

“Keith helped out the Town of Wendell by investigating a server failure at the town about 5 years ago.  He took the time to evaluate the situation, propose the purchase of a new server and assisted working with the town for the next few months, getting it installed with a consultant that he trusted.  He also hired a part time person for Wendell and trained that person and assisted when needed.  The two towns had an agreement and Keith did a great job in facilitating this operation and they hired me(second person).  His involvement continued for another year until Wendell hired me part time in 2011, full time in 2012.  Keith was always willing to answer my questions and assist when asked well after the agreement between the towns was over.  He is a true public servant and shared that with a neighbor town.   The Town of Wendell would like to thank him for his help and expertise.”

Nominated by: Tamah Hughes, IT Director, Town of Wendell