Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) has recognized Gray Cassell, chief in-formation officer for the Town of Kernersville, who completed the Leading for Results course as an LGFCU Fellow at the University of North Carolina School of Government (UNC/SOG).

Cassell was one of a group of individuals to attend the intensive learning experience at the UNC/SOG that provides the course as a resource to local government employees and as an LGFCU Fellow received this program tuition-free.

This is the fifth year LGFCU has partnered with the UNC/SOG to offer Leading by Results, a training initiative that provides mid-level public executives with the skills needed to build the pool of local government talent prepared for leadership succession.

LGFCU Fellows pro-gram was designed to strengthen local government through leadership development training. The LGFCU Fellows initiative was designed for mid-level managers in local government, providing them the skills needed for leadership succession as more and more experienced managers near retirement.

For more information on LGFCU Fellows program please access https://www.lgfcu.org/benefits-and-services/scholarships/lgfcu-fellows-program.

Source: http://www.kernersvillenews.com