“The James S. Cooper Award was created in 1996 after “Jim” died of a sudden aneurysm in his 40’s. Jim personified our organization in his quick acceptance of friends and ideas and in his willingness to share information and methods. The spirit of the James S. Cooper Ambassador Award recognizes the individual and/or agency that provides service above and beyond their normal performance of duties with regard to interagency cooperation.”


Chris Stone and Chris Cowan at Wayne County

Earlier this year, they spent hours of their time sharing an innovative solution to a virtual desktop hardware issue we were having: getting signature pads to work with Compass/Laserfiche in a Citrix server hosted environment.  The solution was obviously the result of hours of development and testing on their end, and they delivered it to us practically turn-key.  Chris followed through with a lot of proactive check-ins to make sure things were going well and to see if we had any questions.

This kind of forthright contribution to the success of other agencies lifts the caliber and value of local government as a whole.  Chris and company embody the spirit of collective collaboration of NCLGISA and the James S. Cooper Award.  Submitting this at this the last minute, I don’t have time to go into greater detail, but I am happy to follow up with additional details.

Nominated by: Michael C. Wilcox, MSMIT, CGCIO, Orange County IT Operations Manager



Kerry Goode (City of Durham) & Greg Marrow (Durham County)

This County/City Partnership was nominated as a great example of two agencies going above and beyond to provide a better solution together.

These two gentlemen and their teams have displayed a great spirit of partnership and collaboration to improve the Open Data Initiative for the residents and employees of the City and County of Durham.  When the idea of an Open Data initiative started, Kerry and Greg instantly saw the value in a City/County partnership.  This partnership has grown to include joint funding, project management, consulting, and technology.  Through this willingness to work together, new ideas and opportunities for collaboration continue to be identified and can more easily be acted upon to the mutual benefit of both organizations.

Nominated by: Anthony Pergolotti, PMP, Senior Project Manager, PMO